ProCommander® 16

ProCommander® 16: 16 Channels of Audio

The ProCommander® 16 is a full-functioned, multi-scene, multi-channel playback controller. Capable of up to 16 channels of synced playback or 8 independent stereo zones, this device can power a large theater show or an entire museum of independently zoned show playback.

16 channels of high quality audio output
Multiple shows and zones can be accessed simultaneously on separate audio pairs
1/4" TRS Balanced Audio Outputs
Blue LCD status information display
UDP Network connection for programming, triggering shows and diagnostics
USB connection
Separate DMX input
8 high powered analog outputs
8 Stereo Class-D Amplifier (optional)
SMPTE timecode input and output allows all shows to jam sync or source from a master show signal Fits 1RU

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