Pro I/O™ DB37 Interface

Pro I/O DB37 Interface

32 open collector digital channels outputs
Up to 400mA per channel
Available with NPN (negative) or PNP (positive) output driver
Display of ON/OFF status of the outputs
DMX read in for DMX to digital out conversion
Overvoltage protection
Short circuit protection with PNP driver output
48V/500mA output driver
DB-37 Connector

Common Features Among All Pro I/O Devices
Ethernet connection
2x RS232 connection
USB connection
RS485 in/out for daisy chain connection or RS485 driven systems
Power supply over daisy chain connectors
ArtNet support
24 character alpha numeric display for operation information
Software configurable
Extensive ASCII-protocol for a wide range of control options
Hardware interface for any kind of pc-related control programs
Separate power supply with a wide range of input voltage (12V-24V)
19" rack mount adapter available
Din-rail mount available

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