ProCommander® HX


  • 16 digital outputs, configurable for PNP or NPN switching
  • 8 fully polyphonic audio playback channels
  • SMPTE/FSK/Art-Net/MTC Timecode In/Out
  • Full color touchscreen for setup and show operation control
  • 16 inputs, multiple configurations
  • 3 RS-232 serial ports (1 RS-485 capable w/Full Duplex)
  • 512 channels of DMX in/out
  • 4 Analog outputs
  • 4 GPIO software configurable expansion option
  • On-board Dual Ethernet
  • High power MOSFET Transistors
  • Mounts in 1/2 rack space
  • High powered 75w, 8-Channel on-board class-D amp
  • Dual Mic input and line input with dynamic paging/ducking abilities
  • 2 effects channels (non-polyphony) for additional audio capability
  • Integrated DMX merger with LTP, HTP modes
  • Integrated SD/SLC storage for audio/timeline data
  • CANOpen Master for direct digital motor control
  • Optical audio output
  • AES-67 Support
  • Balanced audio output (via DB-25 Tascam harness, XLR, 1/4″ or terminal strips & more available)

Technical Highlights:

  • DMX merging, input and systems integration – eliminate additional hardware
  • Dual Network jacks for UDP messaging and show file uploads
  • Full polyphony and audio routing for dynamic synced audio spaces
  • User configurable serial ports (3) allow for both input and output integrations with legacy and industrial show devices
  • Powerful 75W Class-D amplifier provides in-place amplification throughout the exhibit space
  • DMX show start tracking (start shows at 30%, 50% DMX value etc.)
  • DMX & Artnet output mapping for digital, analog, PWM and servo outputs
  • Sophisticated scripting language in addition to easy to use timeline software provides powerful control options

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