ProCommander® LTC

ProCommander LTC: with HD Digital Media Player

The ProCommander LTC brings integrated video playback to the ProCommander Series by combining the features of the ProCommander2 and a CE labs¨ MP-700R into a single integrated rack unit. You can create a complete small theater or video-driven exhibit in a single rack space.

The ProCommander LTC provides solid state playback from a MicroSD card, utilizing frame accurate synchronization to SMPTE LTC timecode. It offers show programmability similar to other ProCommander devices but with additional synchronization features for larger show environments.

2 DMX output jacks (512 channels total)
8 digital outputs
16 digital inputs
6 RS-232 serial ports
Integrated networking
Internally controlled and frame accurate 1080p video playback module (optional)
Integrated, programmable ASCII status display
Configuration joystick, allowing front panel setup
Single RU footprint
Variety of video outputs when used with optional 1080p video playback module

**New audio ducking feature from line-in or microphone for paging and background applications

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